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From the DORIS document repository you can access multiple types of products prepared by the DORIS team.

Some of the products are public, others have a restricted access. Public productes can be freely downloaded from this site. For the other products, you have to refer to the journal or conference web site, or you can write the author(s), or the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Papers published by the DORIS team in international journals, and in the proceedings of national and international conferences and workshops.


From this page you can access the project deliverables, mostly reports. Most of the reports require a privileged access.


Presentations prepared and delivered by members of the DORIS team at international and national conference and meetings.


Lists of the project milestones, for each Work Package. 

Main Achievements

Through the massive processing of more that 2700 SAR scenes, we prepared a total of 42 deformation maps, deformation velocity maps, and associated time series for 13 test sites, delivering more than 30-million point-scatters on the ground, with an average density of 830 points per km2. This is an unprecedented result for a project of this class. By itself, this is a significant result of the DORIS project.


An eye on Earth-shattering events


A short paper presenting the story of the FP7 DORIS project coordinated by our group has been published in the Horizon 2020 website, in the Projects Stories section. ... read more


Interview with Fausto Guzzetti and Hugo Raetzo in Zermatt (CH)

Edited by Einstein science program of Swiss TV channel SF, 25/10/2012.


20 years of continuous SAR observations benefit landslide studies


The SBAS-DInSAR technique has been applied to ERS, ENVISAT and Cosmo-Skymed data to analyse and model the Ivancich landslide, Assisi, Central Italy. ... read more


Presentation to REA - Brussels, 21 November 2013


Dr Fausto Guzzetti (CNR IRPI) will make a presentation at the REA - Research Executive Agency on “Remote Sensing for Detection, Mapping & Monitoring of Landslides & Ground Deformations”... read more


REA project developed a novel mapping system for landslide detection - 27 September 2013


The DORIS consortium presented its project's final results at a meeting in the REA headquarters today... read more


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2010 EC DORIS brochure

Prepared by the EC in 2010 to advertise the DORIS project: Ground Deformations Risk Scenarios: an Advanced Assessment Services.



2011 DORIS brochure

Prepared by the team to advertise the DORIS project. The article appeared in the journal INTERNATIONAL INNOVATION in October 2011



2012 DORIS brochure

the significance of ground deformations to human populations and how satellite-based SAR sensors provide new ways of monitoring and forecasting their progress


2013 DORIS brochure

DORIS project final brochure




2013 DORIS brochure

Using GMES to map and monitor landslides and ground subsidence





2013 DORIS brochure

Beyond the Sky - Space Research 
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  • Design and deliver innovative products relevant to Civil Protection Authorities in all the phases of a typical risk management cycle

  • Exploit the unique ESA ERS-1/2 and Envisat C-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) archive to generate very long time-series of ground deformations

  • Evaluate the improvements brought by the high-resolution COSMO-SkyMed and TerraSAR-X, X-band SAR sensors

  • Explore the combined application of satellite and ground-based DInSAR technologies for the improved monitoring of landslides and subsidence phenomena

  • Execute innovative research on the use of remote sensing technologies for the detection, mapping and monitoring of landslides and subsidence