CNRThe Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) is the largest public research organization in italy, with the mission of designing, executing and promoting research, and of transferring and disseminating knowledge, to foster sceintific, technological, economic and social development in Italy.


SMALL unifi The Engineering Geology Group - Geohazard Research Lab, is a section of the Earth Sciences Department of the University of Firenze (UNIFI). Since 2004 it has been an official Centre of Competence of the Italian Civil Protection for Remote Sensing and Geohazards and since 2006 it has become the European Centre of the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL).

SMALL asi The Agenzia Spaziale Italiana is a national public Institution established in 1988. Its purpose was to coordinate all of Italy's efforts and investments in the space sector that had begun in the 1960s. Within twenty years' time, ASI became one of the most significant players in the world in space science, satellite technologies, Earth observation and the development of mobile systems for exploring the Universe.

SMALL protezionecivile The Dipartimento della Protezione Civile is a public administration office under the Office of the Prime Minister. The Italian legislation (Law no. 225/1992 and Law no. 401/2001) entrusts the Department with the aims of safeguarding the integrity of life, goods, buildings and environment from any damage or risk of damage arising from natural disasters, catastrophes and any other hazardous event.

SMALL tre TRE s.r.l. is a first commercial spin-off company of the Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Established in March 2000, the company aims at commercially exploiting the results of many years of academic research carried out in house at the Dept. of Electronics and Information in the field of satellite remote sensing and in particular in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data processing.

SMALL altamira-1 ALTAMIRA INFORMATION is a leading international company in the field of Earth Observation using radar satellite. It provides customised solutions for the detection and measurements of ground movement with millimetric precision and mapping solutions for the major industry sectors: oil and gas, infrastructures, natural hazards and mining.

SMALL gamma-rs Gamma Remote Sensing AG is a SME established in Switzerland. GAMMA has a high expertise in the use of radar techniques for land surface deformation monitoring. 

SMALL igme The Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (IGME) was created by a Royal Decree of 12th July 1849 with the original denomination of “Commission for the Geological Chart of Madrid and the Kingdom”. 

Booz-and-company-color Booz & Company, a premier global management consulting firm, was launched in May 2008 following the separation of Booz Allen Hamilton’s global commercial business from its U.S. Government services business.

SMALL elgiThe Magyar Állami Eötvös Loránd Geofizikai Intézet (MFGI) was established in 1907 by the state as the first applied geophysical institute in the world. As one of the institutes of the Hungarian Office for Mining and Geology (MBFH), ELGI is responsible for the research activities related to Hungarian geological and geophysical tasks.

SMALL bafu The Federal Office for the Environment FOEN is the federal government’s centre of environmental expertise and is part of the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC).

SMALL pgi The Państwowy Instytut Geologiczny-Państwowy Instytut Badawczy is the largest R&D state institution conducting studies of geological setting of the country under the general supervision of the Ministry of the Environment. PGI performs the function of the national geological survey and the national hydrogeological survey.

SMALL ternThe TeRN Consortium ”Earth Observation and Natural Hazard Technologies Consortium” was constituted on December 29th, 2005 by public (51%) and private partners (49%). It is composed of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), the Regional Environment Protection Agency of the Basilicata Region (ARPAB), the RELUIS Inter-University Consortium, the E-Geos S.p.A (Finmeccanica Group), and the CREATEC SMEs Consortium.

An eye on Earth-shattering events


A short paper presenting the story of the FP7 DORIS project coordinated by our group has been published in the Horizon 2020 website, in the Projects Stories section. ... read more


Interview with Fausto Guzzetti and Hugo Raetzo in Zermatt (CH)

Edited by Einstein science program of Swiss TV channel SF, 25/10/2012.


20 years of continuous SAR observations benefit landslide studies


The SBAS-DInSAR technique has been applied to ERS, ENVISAT and Cosmo-Skymed data to analyse and model the Ivancich landslide, Assisi, Central Italy. ... read more


Presentation to REA - Brussels, 21 November 2013


Dr Fausto Guzzetti (CNR IRPI) will make a presentation at the REA - Research Executive Agency on “Remote Sensing for Detection, Mapping & Monitoring of Landslides & Ground Deformations”... read more


REA project developed a novel mapping system for landslide detection - 27 September 2013


The DORIS consortium presented its project's final results at a meeting in the REA headquarters today... read more


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2010 EC DORIS brochure

Prepared by the EC in 2010 to advertise the DORIS project: Ground Deformations Risk Scenarios: an Advanced Assessment Services.



2011 DORIS brochure

Prepared by the team to advertise the DORIS project. The article appeared in the journal INTERNATIONAL INNOVATION in October 2011



2012 DORIS brochure

the significance of ground deformations to human populations and how satellite-based SAR sensors provide new ways of monitoring and forecasting their progress


2013 DORIS brochure

DORIS project final brochure




2013 DORIS brochure

Using GMES to map and monitor landslides and ground subsidence





2013 DORIS brochure

Beyond the Sky - Space Research 
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